Book your vacation on a unique and extremely virgin Greek island in the Aegean and at the same time create a magical, incredibly creative conceptual photo series with your brand as the protagonist. Endless blue & spectacular white, await you in a photographic adventure of top quality and aesthetics.

Live seven nights in a magical boutique island villa in one of the most exciting locations in the Aegean and the entire Mediterranean. 

Return to your atelier with 5.000 magical photos starring your wonderful brands.

Inspired Resort wear, Swim wear, Wedding dresses, Jewellery & wonderful Accessories are the precious protagonists of magical photographic series in the Aegean.

In a setting unique in the world of incomparable beauty, we create a wonderful, valuable and elegant photographic material for your communication needs. Stand out and promote your brand with unique photographic series & videography.


Themis Veleris

VART contemporary 

Spectacular White...