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TRAVEL CLICK standard basic packages are two (2) 

The basic package that includes 7 nights accommodation in our private boutique island villa, plus 5,000 photos of your brand (5 hours of shooting per day = 35 hours TOTAL) 

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A smaller package of 4 nights, which can also be a Long weekend, plus 2,500 photos (20 hours TOTAL). 

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Styling: VARTsTyle

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On demand...

There is always the flexibility in designing a bespoke package apart from the basic 2 packages.

Book your own accommodation & photography package on demand, defining the duration, dates and duration of the daily photography. For example, design a package of accommodation with more or even fewer days with the corresponding photos. 

In addition, you can always choose an extra hotel studio for accommodation if your group is more than 4 people and you need more space for accommodation on the island. 

Ask about availability and create your own schedule.

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TRAVEL CLICK is a brand new project in progress...


Touch Skyros island

What makes Skyros light in general seem so special? The combination of small masses of land dotted against the Aegean Sea, high island vantage points and steep cliffs which lets the observer perceive the light falling from the sun while more light simultaneously reflects back up off the sea, the neutral browness of the landscape, especially in the Summer, and the sparkling white of the simple Skyros island houses. It's magic, and it's not to be found in any guide book or monitor screen: it must be seen to be believed. 

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